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 Modiano Cristallo luminoso carte segnate

Modiano Cristallo luminoso carte segnate

  • Modiano card makes a powerful game . The card is very thick and very textured . Modiano Cards are thicker than other plastic cards and are less flexible , giving it a more important. Modiano Cristallo features a unique 4 PIP index with the characters of the four corners of the card. This makes it easier to identify the hands and gives his party a new look. Modiano Cards are 100 % plastic . They are performing washable, durable and high . . Modiano Cards are very famous in Europe and the Mediterranean . Modiano Cards are wide poker size ( 2 ½ x 3 ½ )
  • different technologies can be applied in different background colors Modiano cards
  • blue and green cards : marked with big font in the ( white label ) East
  • Red, pink, orange cards : marked with big font in the middle or small fonts in four corners of dark color ( white or black marks ) .
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